P-703.1Building sewer pipe near the water service. The proximity of a sewer to a water service distribution pipe shall comply with Section 603.2.
P-703.2 Drainage pipe in filled ground. Where a building sewer or building drain is installed on filled or unstable ground, the drainage pipe shall conform to one of the standards for ABS plastic pipe, cast-iron pipe, copper or copper alloy tubing, or stainless steel drainage systems, type 304 and 316LPVC plastic pipe or polypropylene plastic pipe indicated in Table P-702.3. When drainage is installed in filled or unstable ground, it shall be of cast iron or hard temper copper tube of a weight not less than type "L" or stainless steel drainage systems, Type 304 and 316L. Pipe shall be supported on concrete piers with spacing consistent with Table 308.5, or a constant bed of concrete or clevis hangers attached to reinforcing rods in the concrete floor above the piping.
*      *      *
P-703.6 Combined sanitary and storm public sewer. Where the public sewer is a combined system for both sanitary and storm water, the sanitary building sewer shall be connected independently to the public sewerlateral ., unless otherwise approved by the Philadelphia Water Department.
Exception: The repair or replacement of an existing combined building sewer as of the initial adoption date of this code. The size of such replacements shall comply with Section 1109.2.
P-703.6.1 Separation. Storm water shall not be drained into sewers that are intended only for sanitary sewage. Sanitary waste shall not be drained into sewers that are intended only for storm water.