P-103.1 License required. No person shall install plumbing, water, drain or waste piping, or fixtures unless properly licensed pursuant to Title 9 Section 9-1003.
P-103.1.1 Plumbing work by unlicensed persons. No person shall hire an unlicensed person to perform plumbing work requiring a plumbing permit. Any person who has had plumbing work performed by an unlicensed person must have a Registered Master Plumber evaluate such work and, if necessary, correct the installation. Permits must be secured for the unlicensed work and for any additional corrective work.
P-103.2 Plumbing permits required. A plumbing permit is required to install, enlarge, alter, repair or replace any plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by this code subject to the general permit exceptions of Section A-301.1 of the Administrative Code.
1.   A plumbing permit shall not be required for the installation, alteration, enlargement, repair or replacement of special piping and storage systems regulated by Chapter 12 of this code. Such installations shall require a building permit except where subject to the exclusions or exemptions provided in the Administrative Code.
2.   A plumbing permit shall not be required for the activities listed in Section A-301.2.4 of the Administrative Code.
P-103.2.1 Water service permits. A plumbing permit shall be required for the installation, repair or replacement of water service pipe located between the curb stop and the water distribution pipe of the structure. A permit from the Water Department shall be required for the installation, repair or replacement of the water service pipe from the curb stop to the public water main.
P-103.2.2 Lateral permits. A permit from the Water Department shall be required for the installation, repair or replacement of laterals from the building (house) trap to the public sewer.
P-103.3 Permit applications. Applications for plumbing permits shall be submitted in accordance with the Administrative Code.
P-103.3.1 By whom application is made. The department shall accept plumbing permit applications from the owner or lessee of the building or structure, or agent of either; by the registered design professional employed in connection with the proposed work; by the Registered Master Plumber responsible for the work; or by any other licensed person authorized to apply for permits pursuant to the Philadelphia Administrative Code, so long as the Registered Master Plumber responsible for the work is identified and provides confirmation of responsibility prior to the issuance of the plumbing permit.
P-103.4 Permit holder. The owner shall retain the right to change the Registered Master Plumber associated with a permit to a new Registered Master Plumber. The changing of plumbing contractors shall not require the issuance of a new permit, where the owner identifies a new Registered Master Plumber to complete the work under such plumbing permit.
P-103.4.1 Multiple Registered Master Plumbers. The Department reserves the right to issue a single plumbing permit for work to be performed by multiple Registered Master Plumbers, provided that the owner is responsible for final compliance in the event of a dispute between the named Registered Master Plumbers.
P-103.4.2 Responsibility. All Registered Master Plumbers identified on a permit shall be responsible for compliance with this code in the performance of their work. No other Registered Master Plumber shall perform work related to the permit except as a subcontractor or employee.