G-102.1 Evaluation and follow-up inspection services. Prior to the approval of a prefabricated construction assembly having concealed work and the issuance of a permit, the code official shall require the submittal of an evaluation report from an approved agency on each prefabricated construction assembly. The report shall indicate the complete details of the installation, including a description of the system and its components, the basis upon which the system is being evaluated, test results and similar information and other data as necessary for the code official to determine conformance to this code.
Exception: Manufactured and Industrialized housing pursuant to Section A-102.12 of the Administrative Code (Subcode A).
   G-102.1.1 Follow-up inspection. Except where ready access is provided to installations, service equipment and accessories for complete inspection at the site without disassembly or dismantling, the code official shall conduct in-plant inspections to ensure conformance to the approved evaluation report or shall accept inspection reports from an approved independent inspection agency. The inspection agency shall furnish the code official with the follow-up inspection manual and a report of inspections upon request. The installation shall have an identifying label permanently affixed to the system indicating that factory inspections have been performed.
   G-102.1.2 Test and inspection records. Required test and inspection records shall be available to the code official at all times during the fabrication of the installation and the erection of the building.
G-102.2 Testing. Installations shall be tested as required in this code and in accordance with Sections G-102.2.1 through G-102.2.3. Tests shall be made by the permit holder after notifying the code official, who shall have the authority to observe the tests.
   G-102.2.1 New, altered, extended or repaired installations. New installations and parts of existing installations, which have been altered, extended, renovated or repaired, shall be tested as prescribed herein to disclose leaks and defects.
   G-102.2.2 Apparatus, instruments, material and labor for tests. Apparatus, instruments, material and labor required for testing an installation or part thereof shall be furnished by the permit holder.
   G-102.2.3 Reinspection and testing. Where any work or installation does not pass an initial test or inspection, the necessary corrections shall be made so as to achieve compliance with this code. The work or installation shall then be reinspected or re-tested and the results resubmitted to the code official as appropriate.