Delete Section 606.3 and replace as follows:
F-606.3 Emergency signs. An approved pictorial sign of a standardized design, as indicated in Appendix O, shall be posted adjacent to each elevator call station on all floors, instructing occupants to use the exit stairways and not to use the elevators in case of fire. The sign shall read: IN FIRE EMERGENCY, DO NOT USE ELEVATOR. USE EXIT STAIRS (OR FIRE STAIRS).
      1.   The emergency sign shall not be required for elevators that are part of an accessible means of egress complying with Section 1009.4.
      2.   The emergency sign shall not be required for elevators that are used for occupant self-evacuation in accordance with Section 3008 of the Building Code.
Delete Section 606.7 and replace as follows:
F-606.7 Elevator keys. Keys for the elevator car doors and fire-fighter service keys shall be kept in an approved location for immediate use by the fire department. Elevator keys for emergency use for door access (shaftway door access) and override of normal operations (Phase I recall and Phase II firefighter use) shall be marked as such and readily available at the fire command center or main lobby desk for use by the fire department and other emergency personnel. In buildings without a fire command center or main lobby desk, the keys shall be stored in a break-glass container at the main entrance. There shall be at least two door access keys and at least 6 override keys available for emergency use.