EB-307.1 Scope. The alteration, addition or change of occupancy of all existing buildings, including those identified as historic buildings, shall comply with the provisions of Sections EB-307.2 through EB-307.4.
EB-307.2 General. Assembly Group A occupancies classified as Special Assembly Occupancies shall comply with the additional provisions of this Section.
EB-307.3 Classification as a Special Assembly Occupancy. An Assembly Group A occupancy shall also be classified as a Special Assembly Occupancy if 50 or more people congregate primarily for social entertainment purposes as defined in Section 9-703 of The Philadelphia Code at such location at one or more times during the course of any year. Such facilities shall include but not be limited to any of the following: nightclub; discotheque; cabaret; tavern; bar; restaurant; private club; banquet hall; and similar place of assembly without primarily fixed seating.
EB-307.4 Fire alarm. A manual fire alarm system that activates the occupant notification system in accordance with Section 907.5 of the Philadelphia Building Code shall be installed in all Special Assembly Occupancies.
Exception: Manual fire alarm boxes are not required in Special Assembly Occupancies where the occupancy is protected throughout with a rate-of-rise heat detection system, provided one manual fire alarm box is installed in a location that is constantly attended by staff during periods of occupancy by the public.
   EB-307.4.1 Activation of the fire alarm. In Special Assembly Occupancies, a shut-off (shunt trip) device shall be provided to automatically shut off electricity to circuits controlling audio equipment in the facility upon activation of the fire alarm system or automatic sprinkler system.