EB-306.1 General. Provisions for storage of refuse in existing buildings shall comply with the requirements of this Section.
EB-306.2 Change of occupancy. An area for the storage of refuse shall be provided where there is a change of occupancy group of an existing building where the use will generate refuse, as defined in Section 9-604 of The Philadelphia Code, and where such refuse is to be disposed of by use of a dumpster, as defined in Section 10-722 of The Philadelphia Code. The area of storage shall be located either inside the building or on the premises and enclosed on all sides.
EB-306.3 Alterations with no change of occupancy. All buildings which contain uses in existence, shall maintain indoor storage of refuse required by Section EB-306.2 as established on December 19, 1989. Uses in existence prior to this date shall, where there is sufficient space available on the premises, keep all dumpsters within enclosures constructed in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Department of Licenses and Inspections. In the event that a dumpster is maintained off the building premises on December 19, 1989, such dumpster shall not be enclosed and is permitted to be so maintained provided that there is no change in use of the building for which the dumpster is employed and for so long as it is placed and maintained in accordance with the provisions of Section 10-722 of The Philadelphia Code.

Add Section EB-307 as follows: