EB-101.1 Title. These provisions shall be known as the Philadelphia Amendments to the International Existing Building Code and will be referred to herein as the "Philadelphia Existing Building Code" or "this code".
EB-101.2 Scope. The provisions of the Philadelphia Existing Building Code shall apply to the repair, alteration, change of occupancy, addition to and relocation of existing buildings.
Exception: Detached one- and two-family dwellings and multiple single-family dwellings (townhouses) not more than three stories above grade plane in height with a separate means of egress, and their accessory structures not more than three stories above grade plane in height, shall comply with this code or the Philadelphia Residential Code (Subcode R).
EB-101.3 Intent. The intent of this code is to provide flexibility to permit the use of alternative approaches to achieve compliance with minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and welfare insofar as they are affected by the repair, alteration, change of occupancy, addition and relocation of existing buildings.
EB-101.4 Administrative provisions. This Chapter contains those provisions that are unique to the administration of this code. All other administrative provisions applicable to this code are set forth in the Administrative Code (Subcode A).
EB-101.5 Safeguards during construction. The provisions of Chapter 33 of the International Building Code with amendments (Subcode B) shall apply to the construction safeguards required for all building construction and demolition.
EB-101.6 Preliminary meeting. When requested by the code official, the code official shall meet with the permit applicant prior to the application for a construction permit to discuss plans for the proposed work or change of occupancy in order to establish the specific applicability of the provisions of this code.
   EB-101.6.1 Building evaluation. The code official is authorized to require an existing building to be evaluated by a registered design professional based on the circumstances agreed upon at the preliminary meeting. The design professional shall notify the code official if any potential noncompliance with the provisions of this code is identified.
EB-101.7 Work on individual components or portions. Where the code official determines that a component or a portion of a building or structure is required by certain provisions of this code to be repaired, strengthened or replaced, only that specific component or portion shall be required to be repaired, strengthened, or replaced unless more is specifically required by other provisions of this code.
EB-101.8 Correction of violations of other codes. Repairs or alterations mandated by the property maintenance or fire code or mandated by any licensing ordinance or regulation shall conform to the requirements of that code, regulation or ordinance and shall not be required to conform to this code unless the code requiring such repair or alteration so provides.
EB-101.9 Unsafe buildings and equipment. Unsafe buildings and equipment shall be regulated by the Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code (Subcode PM).
EB-101.10 Special inspections. Special inspections shall be required in accordance with the International Building Code.
EB-101.11 Appendices. No appendices are adopted as a part of this code.