Add Section B-903.2.11.7 as follows: 286
      B-903.2.11.7 Buildings 45 feet or more in height. An automatic sprinkler system shall be installed in the following areas of buildings that have one or more stories located 45 feet (13 716 mm) or more above the lowest level of fire department vehicle access:
         1.   Basements.
         2.   The level of exit discharge.
         1.   Open parking structures.
         2.   Occupancies in Group F-2.
         3.   Buildings where all exterior walls have a fire separation distance of 5 feet (1524 mm) or greater.



   Added, Bill No. 180745 (approved December 19, 2018). Section 3 of Bill No. 180745 provides: "The provisions of this Ordinance are subject to review under the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (Act 45 of 1999, P.L. 491, as amended) and shall become effective 35 days after the date of enactment unless a challenge has been filed with the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry pursuant to the requirements of Section 503 of Act 45 of 1999, as amended (35 P.S. sec. 7210.503). The Commissioner of the Department of Licenses and Inspections shall provide written certification to the Chief Clerk within ten days of the filing of any challenge, and further such certification regarding the resolution of any challenge."