A-603.1 Suspension: Any person licensed to conduct a trade or practice under this code or the technical codes who has been ordered to pay a fine pursuant to this Section and who has not paid such fine within 10 days of imposition of a final order from which all appeals have been exhausted shall have said license suspended and shall stop any work in progress under said license until all fines and costs are paid.
A-603.2 Stop Work Order: To enforce the provision of Section A-603.1, the department shall, without further notice, issue a Stop Work Order at each location where work is in progress under said license. The Stop Work Order shall set forth the unpaid fines and costs and shall otherwise meet the requirements and be subject to the procedures set forth in Section A-504.0.
A-603.3 Willful violation: The department is authorized to suspend or revoke a trade or practice license for willful violation of this code or the technical codes.
A-603.4 Unpaid fees: 181 When a license holder has been issued a permit and has failed to properly remit the required fees for that permit, the Department is authorized to refuse issuance of additional permits to that licensed person or business until the outstanding fees have been paid in full.



   Added, Bill No. 130691-A (approved February 19, 2014). See note 84 for effective date provisions.