A-103.1 Partial invalidity: In the event any part or provision of this code or the technical codes is held to be illegal or void, this shall not have the effect of making void or illegal any of the other parts or provisions thereof, which are determined to be legal; and it shall be presumed that this code and the technical codes would have been passed without such illegal or invalid parts or provisions.
A-103.2 Segregation of invalid provisions: Any invalid part of this code or the technical codes shall be separated from the remainder of such codes by the court holding such part invalid, and the remainder shall remain effective.
A-103.3 Existing structures: The invalidity of any provision in any Section of this code or the technical codes as applied to existing structures shall not be held to affect the validity of such Section in its application to structures hereafter erected.
A-103.4 Saving clause: The enactment of this code and/or any of the technical codes shall not affect violations of any ordinance, code or regulation existing prior to the effective date of this code or the technical codes. Any such violation shall be governed and shall continue to be punishable to the full extent of the law under the provisions of those ordinances, codes or regulations in effect at the time the violation was committed.
Exception: The code official shall have the authority, upon proper evaluation, to not enforce a violation issued under any ordinance, code or regulation existing prior to the effective date of this code or the technical codes where such violation does not constitute a violation of this code and the current technical codes.
A-103.5 Flood protection provisions. 21 The degree of flood protection sought by the provisions of this code is considered reasonable for regulatory purposes and is based on accepted engineering methods of study. Larger floods may occur or flood heights may be increased by man-made or natural causes, such as ice jams and bridge openings restricted by debris. This code does not imply that areas outside any identified floodplain areas, or that land uses permitted within such areas will be free from flooding or flood damages. This code shall not create liability on the part of the City of Philadelphia or any officer or employee thereof for any flood damages that result from reliance on this code or any administrative decision lawfully made thereunder.



   Added, Bill No. 180175 (approved June 6, 2018).