§ 12-309.  Cooperative Agreements.
   (a)   The Board of Education shall have the authority to enter into agreements relating to, but not limited to, joint tax collection, joint purchasing of supplies, equipment and contractual services, use of recreational and park equipment and facilities, control and prevention of juvenile delinquency, city planning, capital budgeting, capital programming, comprehensive development planning and health services with any department, agency, office, board or commission of the City, or with any agency of the Commonwealth or of the United States, or with any non-profit private agency, when, in the opinion of the Board, such agreement will further the efficient and effective administration of public education. In any such agreements, the Board shall, insofar as possible, safeguard all rights of employment, status, and tenure of employees who may be transferred into or out of School District service by virtue of the operation of such agreements.
   (b)   Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the Board shall have the authority to extend to all children residing in the District any service, welfare benefit, or educational incentive provided by the District under programs sponsored by the District, or by any municipal, state, federal or non-profit private agency, and to admit any such child to any course or program which the Board shall determine to be the subject of a dual enrollment program. The Board shall have the authority to enter into such agreements or arrangements with any public or non-profit agency as are necessary or proper to the effectuation of this section.
   (c)   The Board shall have the authority to maintain or support job placement centers, independently or in conjunction with any other governmental agency, for the purpose of collection and dissemination of information relating to employment opportunities available to graduates of, or dropouts from, any school administered by the District.