§ 12-209.  Organization and Procedures.
   (a)   The Board of Education shall hold an annual organization meeting on the first Monday of December and shall by a majority vote of all its members elect a President and a Vice-President from among its members.
   (b)   The Board shall hold public meetings not less often than once every two months during the school year. All meetings of the Board shall be public except when the President, in his discretion, or two-thirds of the members of the Board on a roll-call vote, shall order an executive session. The Board, the Mayor and City Council shall also meet publicly at least twice during the school year in City Council chambers to review and discuss the administration, management, operations and finances of the School District in order to develop and adopt plans to coordinate their activities for the improvement and benefit of public education in Philadelphia.
   (c)   A majority of all the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. No action of the Board shall be binding unless a majority of the members present at a public meeting shall be recorded as voting in its favor, except as otherwise provided in this Article or by law.
   (d)   The Board may adopt rules for its government as provided in the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter to which this Article is a Supplement.