§ 10-105.  Gratuities.
   No officer or employee of the City and no officer or employee whose salary or other compensation is paid out of the City Treasury shall solicit or accept any compensation or gratuity in the form of money or otherwise for any act or omission in the course of his public work. Provided, however, that the head of any department, board or commission of the City or other agency receiving appropriations from the City Treasury may permit an employee to receive a reward publicly offered and paid, for the accomplishment of a particular task.
   Sources:   No specific source.
   Purposes:   1.   Public officers and employees are compensated with public funds to perform the task for which they were elected, appointed or employed. Their holding office or employment presupposes their faithful discharge of all their duties without more. An exception is recognized and permitted in instances of a special reward authorized by the head of an agency for special accomplishments, such as the apprehension of a criminal, acts of particular courage and bravery, the devising of new methods or inventions to effect economies in the expenditure of City funds, and the like. Otherwise, however, no public official or employee should do that which he ought to do or not do that which he is not supposed to do because of the inducement of receiving directly or indirectly any benefit in addition to that which is the lawful incident of his position. The solicitation or acceptance of any such benefit by any City officer or employee of the executive or legislative branch or by any County or other governmental employee whose compensation is paid from the City Treasury is prohibited.
      2.   For penalties for violating this section, see Section 10-109.