§ 8-411.  Custody of Private Personal Property.
   Every officer and employee, who in the performance of his duties receives for custodial purposes personal property from any person, shall immediately upon receiving such property issue a receipt to such person and a copy to the City Controller itemizing the property received and stating the circumstances under which it was received, shall keep such property in such place as shall have been designated by the head of the department or the board or commission by which he is employed and shall return such property promptly to such person or his nominee, or to his executor or administrator in case of his death, when its retention by the City is no longer warranted by statute or ordinance.
   Sources:   No specific source.
   Purposes:   Certain officers and employees of the City, such as police officers and hospital employees, are required to or may in the performance of their duties receive for custodial purposes private personal property. This section requires complete accountability for any such property and its return, as soon as it is authorized or required, to the person entitled to it.