§ 8-104.  List of Employees to be Furnished to Certain City Officers.
   Each department, board and commission of the City and every other agency receiving an appropriation from the City Treasury shall, on the fifteenth day of June of each year, transmit to the City Controller, the Director of Finance, and the Personnel Director a complete list, as of June first preceding, of the names of all of its officers and employees entitled to receive compensation from the City Treasury for services rendered in or to the department, board or commission, or agency as the case may be. Such list shall show the position occupied by each such person, the date of birth and residence of such person, the salary at which or other basis upon which such person is entitled to be paid, the date when such person entered the service of the department, board, commission or agency, whether such person has been continuously employed by it since that date, and all periods of service and positions held for which compensation has been paid out of the City Treasury, or such additional information as the Mayor may prescribe.
   Each month thereafter the heads of the several departments, boards and commissions, and the several agencies shall certify to the City Controller, the Director of Finance and the Personnel Director any changes in the annual list of employees last transmitted to them which shall have occurred during the preceding month.
   Sources:   The Administrative Code of 1929, Act of April 9, 1929, P.L. 177, Section 603.
   Purposes:   Personnel information required from each agency receiving any appropriation from the City Treasury will enable the Personnel Director to maintain his personnel records (see Section 7-100), will be necessary for payroll payments (see Sections 6-106, 6-301, 6-400 and 8-101), will facilitate checking on compliance with civil service requirements (see Section 7-302), and will aid budgeting and accounting (see Sections 6-101, 6-105 and 8-102).