§ 7-302.  Duties of City Officers and Employees.
   (1)   All officers and employees of the City shall comply with and aid in all proper ways in carrying out the civil service regulations. All officers shall report currently to the Personnel Director all disciplinary actions taken by them. All officers and employees shall furnish any records or information which the Personnel Director or the Civil Service Commission may request. Upon request of the Personnel Director, the City Solicitor shall institute and maintain any action or proceeding at law or in equity that the Personnel Director considers necessary or appropriate to secure compliance with the civil service provisions of this charter and civil service regulations.
   (2)   No officer or employee of the Auditing Department shall make or approve or take any part in making or approving any payment for personal services to any person holding a position in the civil service if the Personnel Director has given notice to the City Controller that such person was not appointed and employed in accordance with the civil service regulations.
   Sources:   A Model State Civil Service Law, Sections 10 and 12.
   Purposes:   1.   A civil service system to be effective, requires the cooperation of all officers and employees and their complying with the civil service regulations. This section imposes mandatory general and specific duties of such cooperation and such compliance upon all officers and employees.
      2.   Non-payment of salaries to employees subject to civil service but not appointed and not employed in accordance with civil service regulations is one of the most effective means for enforcing the civil service provisions of this Charter and the civil service regulations. Officers and employees of the Auditing Department are therefore enjoined from approving payment of salaries to such persons upon notice from the Personnel Director.