§ 7-200.  Advisory and Supervisory Functions.
   The Civil Service Commission shall advise the Mayor and the Personnel Director on problems concerning personnel administration in the City service. It shall make any investigation which it considers desirable and submit recommendations to the Mayor and Personnel Director. It shall approve, modify or disapprove proposed civil service regulations and amendments thereto. It shall promote the improvement of City personnel administration and foster the interest of institutions of learning and of civic, professional and employee organizations in the improvement of personnel standards.
   Sources:   A Model State Civil Service Law, Sections 5 and 8.
   Purposes:   1.   While the Civil Service Commission is not to administer the civil service system, it is empowered to serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and to the Personnel Director on personnel problems and in a supervisory capacity to the Personnel Director through its power to approve, modify or disapprove civil service regulations. Both of these functions require that the Commission have the power to investigate all phases of personnel administration and to make appropriate recommendations to the Mayor and to the Personnel Director.
      2.   The Commission's power in the area of civil service regulations is necessary because the regulations will affect the daily lives of City employees and their content should not be subject to the absolute discretion of a single individual. (Cf. Sections 8-406 and 8-407.)