§ 7-100.  Civil Service.
   The Personnel Director shall prepare, and after their adoption, administer the civil service program under the civil service regulations. He shall:
   (a)   Establish and maintain a roster of all employees of the City, whether or not in the civil service, in which there shall be set forth, as to each employee, the class title of the position held, the salary or pay, any change in class title, pay or status, and other pertinent data;
   (b)   In accordance with the position classification plan contained in the civil service regulations upon their taking effect, allocate the position of every employee in the civil service to one of the positions in the plan. He shall afford a reasonable opportunity to be heard to any employee affected by the allocation of a position to a class upon the written request of such employee for reconsideration thereof;
   (c)   Investigate from time to time the operation and effect of the civil service provisions of this charter and report his findings and recommendations to the Mayor and the Civil Service Commission.
   Sources:   A Model State Civil Service Law, Sections 6 and 8.
   Purposes:   1.   The civil service system created by this Charter vests responsibility for direct administration in a Personnel Director and responsibility for review in an independent Commission consisting of three members. Separation of the administrative and quasi-judicial functions is desirable because each is distinct, involving special problems which require special attention.
      2.   The Personnel Director is to be the administrator of the City's civil service system. That system will be governed largely by regulations which are prepared initially by him but which are to be reviewed for approval by the Civil Service Commission, and in part, by the Administrative Board. Section 7-400.
      3.   An adequate personnel system requires complete records of all employees of the City, civil service and non-civil service, which will reflect their current employment status. The Personnel Director is to establish and maintain such records. Provision is made in Section 8-104 for the periodic furnishing of information to the Personnel Director to enable him to discharge this duty.
      4.   The Personnel Director is empowered to allocate each employee of the City in the civil service to one of the positions provided for in the classification plan. See Section 7-401(a). Since classification affects the status of an employee, employees who believe themselves aggrieved by a classification are afforded an opportunity to be heard by the Personnel Director.
      5.   Adequate administration requires investigation from time to time of operations. The Personnel Director is required to make such investigations and to keep the Mayor and the Civil Service Commission informed of the results and to submit to them his recommendations for improvements.