§ 4-1901.  Creation of Program. 122
   (a)   Council shall consider the Commission's report, and enact into law, reject or table the bill or bills proposed to it under subsection 4-1900(g)(1) by no later than the adoption of the annual operating budget ordinance for the ensuing fiscal year.
   (b)   If the Mayor determines that legislation proposed under subsection 4-1900(g)(1) or comparable legislation is not enacted, the Commission shall reconvene on an annual basis by no later than July 1, and the Commission, the Mayor and Council shall follow the schedule and requirements set out in subsections 4-1900(e), (f), (g), and 4-1901(a).



   Enrolled resolution numbered this as Section 4-1801; renumbered by Code editor. Enrolled resolution also used a section symbol in subsections (a) and (b) before the internal section references; revised to "subsection" or "subsections" by Code editor.