§ 4-1600.  Powers and Duties.
   (a)   Within sixty days after its creation, the Jobs Commission shall convene its first meeting. Thereafter the Commission shall meet at least monthly, at such times and at such places as determined by the Commission, provided that the Commission shall hold at least two public meetings in the Council chambers to receive testimony from the public. All meetings shall be open to the public and such meetings shall be publicized through a notice that will specify whether there will be an opportunity for the public to comment.
   (b)   The purpose of the Commission is to determine how City government and other public, quasi-public and non-profit agencies can best marshal their resources in a consistent, comprehensive, and coordinated manner to create and preserve private sector jobs for Philadelphians. To that end, the Commission shall identify all entities that play a significant role, either directly or indirectly, in influencing the growth of the local private sector economy; evaluate the effectiveness of those entities, including, but not limited to, the extent to which their respective initiatives are coordinated with each other; articulate the key factors that contribute to or impede the growth and retention of private sector jobs for Philadelphians; identify successful job creation policies and initiatives used in other jurisdictions; develop a set of principles to guide future decision-making with respect to job creation initiatives; and, through the application of those principles, develop specific recommendations for reform. The analysis undertaken by the Commission shall encompass, but not be limited to, the following areas of concern: job training; workforce development; economic development, including land acquisition and disposition; education; licensing, zoning, and other regulatory processes; and tax policies.
   (c)   The Commission shall, subject to the availability of appropriations, appoint and fix the compensation of an executive director and such other staff or consultants as may be required for the proper conduct of its work (provided that the appointment of an executive director shall require a vote of two-thirds of all the members of the Commission).
   (d)   All departments, boards, commissions and other City agencies shall cooperate fully with the Commission in the performance of its duties and responsibilities and shall provide any and all documents, data, analyses or other information related to the creation and preservation of private sector jobs requested by the Commission, except documents the nondisclosure of which is legally privileged or which have been prepared for or by the Law Department for use in actions or proceedings to which the City is or may be a party, and provided that the Commission shall maintain the confidentiality of any documents, data, analyses or other related information upon the written request by any City agency that the material being provided to the Commission be treated as confidential.
   (e)   On or before January 31, 2012, unless Council by resolution approves an extension, the Commission shall by a vote of two-thirds of all members of the Commission adopt a written report containing its findings, and providing specific recommendations aimed at accelerating the creation and preservation of private sector jobs for Philadelphians, including a description of proposed legislation that may be required. The Commission shall provide copies of its report to each of the Commission's appointing authorities and to each member of Council and to the Clerk of Council, and the Commission shall see to it that copies are provided to all public libraries in the City and that a copy is posted on the City's official website.
   (f)   After issuing its report, the Commission shall thereafter be reconvened only as directed by a resolution of the Council. Within thirty days after adoption of such a resolution, new members of the Commission shall be selected in accordance with the selection process set forth in Section 3-809 unless Council provides by ordinance for a different selection process, provided that any former member of the Commission may be reappointed as a member of the Commission.
   (g)   The Jobs Commission shall exercise such other powers and duties not inconsistent with this section that Council may from time to time vest in it by ordinance.