§ 4-1100.  Powers and Duties. 110
   The Board of Ethics shall administer and enforce all provisions of this Charter and ordinances pertaining to ethical matters, which for purposes of this Chapter shall include conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, standards of governmental conduct, campaign finance matters, prohibited political activities, and such additional related matters as the Council may from time to time assign to the Board. The Board shall handle all inquiries and complaints surrounding ethical matters and, notwithstanding the provisions of Section 4-400(a) and Section 8-410 of this charter, the Board shall render advisory opinions; provided that, with respect to opinions regarding State law, the Law Department, at the option of an employee requesting advice, shall have concurrent authority to render advisory opinions. The Board shall have the power to conduct investigations and convene hearings. The Board shall conduct its enforcement activities either by bringing enforcement actions in the Court of Common Pleas or, if authorized by Council by ordinance, administratively adjudicating alleged violations and imposing civil penalties and other remedies for violations. The Board shall prepare and disseminate a Code of Ethics Manual for use by all City officers and employees and conduct educational and training programs for all City officers and employees.
   In addition, and subject to the provisions of this charter, the Board of Ethics shall exercise such other powers and duties vested in and imposed upon it by ordinance.



   Enrolled resolution numbered this as Section 4-1000; renumbered by Code editor.