§ 4-502.  Board of Trade and Conventions.
   The Board of Trade and Conventions shall manage the Commercial Museum, Exhibition and Convention Halls and grounds. It may lease for a charge or grant the use without charge of the Exhibition Hall of the Commercial Museum and the Convention Hall for holding exhibitions, conventions and for other suitable purposes, upon such terms and conditions as it shall see fit. Permission may be granted to such individuals or organizations to charge an admission fee and also to charge exhibitors for the use of space therein but all parts of the buildings or grounds of the Commercial Museum shall be otherwise open to the free access of the public.
   Sources:   Ordinance of the City of Philadelphia, December 22, 1932.
   Purposes:   The Board of Trade and Conventions replaces the Board of Trustees of the Commercial Museum, Exhibition and Convention Halls. The Board was renamed to indicate more clearly its primary functions which are continued without any substantial change. The Board has been connected with the Department of Commerce because it is concerned primarily with the promotion of activities relating to industry and commerce.