§ 3-1003.  Procedure.
   When any position is to be filled, for which a panel is required to submit nominations to the Mayor, the chairman of the panel shall convene it as soon as possible. The panel shall then submit to the Mayor in writing the names of three qualified persons for each position to be filled. The Mayor may return to the panel any list submitted to him and request additional lists until he fills the position.
   Sources:   No specific source.
   Purposes:   1.   The chairman of each panel, who is named in the Charter, is to convene it so that it may proceed to carry out the duty with which it is charged. Recommendations must be submitted in writing so that they shall be a matter of record.
      2.   In order to achieve the objectives for which panels are created and at the same time not to restrict the Mayor to the appointment of an individual who may be undesirable to him, the Mayor is empowered to reject lists submitted to him by a panel and to request as many additional lists as may be necessary until he is able to fill the position. This will permit the Mayor to appoint someone with whom he believes he will be able to work and at the same time assure that the person whom he appoints is qualified for the job. Of course, the Mayor is responsible to the voters if he rejects names submitted by a panel without a justifying reason.