§ 3-500.  Mayor.
   An election to fill a vacancy for an unexpired term in the office of Mayor shall be held at the next municipal or general election occurring more than thirty days after the vacancy occurs, unless the vacancy occurs in the last year of the term, in which event a Mayor shall be chosen by the Council by a majority vote of all its members. Until the vacancy is filled, or in case of the Mayor's temporary disability, the President of the Council shall act as Mayor; and if the President of the Council should resign or be unable to act, then the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Council shall act as Mayor.
   Sources:   Act of June 25, 1919, P.L. 581, Article II, Section 4, as amended.
   Purposes:   Present law is continued for two reasons: it presents no problem of any urgency that needs correction; and should the method for filling a vacancy have been changed, it would have been necessary for the voters to have passed separately upon the proposed change at the time of the adoption of the Charter.