(a)   No owner/guardian of any animal, including, but not limited to, dogs and cats, shall permit such an animal to run at large within the City at any time. Any animal shall be deemed running at large when such an animal is not inside a resident structure, secure fence or pen; on a leash and held by a person capable of controlling such animal; or tethered in such a manner as to prevent its getting on the public right-of-way or another's property. This provision shall not apply to dogs being obedience trained by a certified trainer.
   (b)   The owner, keeper or harborer of a domestic animal who permit it to run at large in violation of this section shall, in addition to the penalty provided in division (g) of this section, the owner of the animal will be liable for all damage or destruction to the owner or occupant of the damaged property for the full value of the damage or destruction.
   (c)   Any land which is enclosed with invisible fencing must have its boundary no less than six feet from public property. (The public is encouraged, but not required to post signs regarding invisible fencing.)
   (d)   No person who is the owner or in charge of any dog shall permit such dog to be tethered in a front or side yard.
   (e)   This section shall not apply to persons operating under the guidelines of a program approved by the Director of Public Safety for providing for the trapping, spaying, or neutering, and releasing of cats and dogs with the purpose of reducing the unwanted stray-animal population in the City.
   (f)   Whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor for a first offense. Whoever violates this section in a second or subsequent offense shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
(Ord. 2019-3.  Passed 2-11-19.)