Storage Areas for Commercial Waste Receptacles
1391.01   Storage area required prior to building permit issuance; screening.
1391.02   Dumpster enclosures; gates.
1391.03   Liquid wastes.
1391.99   Penalty.
   Noxious odors; filthy accumulations; polluting and diverting watercourses - see GEN. OFF. 660.04
   Unlawful deposits of garbage and rubbish - see GEN. OFF. 660.15
   Garbage and rubbish at drive-in restaurants - see BUS. REG. 731.07, 731.08
   Garbage and rubbish collection and disposal generally - see S. & P.S. Ch. 965
   Burning of garbage and rubbish outdoors - see FIRE PREV. 1505.02 (BOCA F-315.0)