(a)   If the owner, lessee, agent or tenant having charge of the lands mentioned in Section 678.01 fails to comply with the notice required by such section, the Director of Public Service shall cause such noxious weeds to be cut and destroyed, or such litter and/or violation of Section 1363.08(b) of the Building Code, removed, and may employ the necessary labor to perform the task.  All expenses incurred shall, when approved by Council, be paid.
   (b)   Upon the receipt of the statement of expenses incurred, Council shall make a written return to the County Auditor of the action taken under the preceding section and division (a) of this section with a statement of the charges for services, the amount paid for the labor and a proper description of the premises for the purpose of making the same a lien upon the lands to be collected as other taxes and returned to the City with the General Fund.  Such remedy shall be in addition to the penalty provided for in Section 678.01(d).
(Ord. 1993-13. Passed 5-24-93.)