The exterior of the premises and all structures thereof shall be kept free of all nuisances and any hazards to the safety of occupants, pedestrians and other persons utilizing the premises and free of unsanitary conditions, and any of the foregoing shall be promptly removed and abated by the owner, operator and occupant within a reasonable time.  It shall be the duty of the owner, operator and occupant to keep the premises free of hazards and in compliance with the following provisions:
   (a)   Refuse.  Exterior property areas of all premises shall be kept free of any debris, objects, material or condition which may create a health, accident or fire hazard of which is a public nuisance, or which constitutes a blighting or deteriorating influence on the neighborhood.  Brush, broken glass, stumps, roots, filth, garbage, trash, debris and motor vehicles, boats or trailers in a condition of disrepair or deterioration of parts thereof, shall not be permitted on any property.
   (b)   Natural Growth.  Lawns, landscaping and trees shall be maintained so as not to constitute a blighting or deteriorating effect in the neighborhood.  Dead and dying trees and limbs or other natural growth which, by reason of rotting or deteriorating conditions or storm damage, constitute a hazard to persons in the vicinity thereof shall not be permitted on any property.  Trees shall be pruned and trimmed to prevent such conditions.
   (c)   Overhangings.  Loose and overhanging objects which by reason of location above ground level constitute a danger of falling on persons or property in the vicinity thereof shall not be permitted.
   (d)   Ground Surface Hazards.    Holes, excavations, breaks, projections and obstructions at any place on the premises which are a hazard to persons using the premises shall not be permitted.
   (e)   Recurring Accumulations of Storm Water.  Natural drainage or adequate run-off drains shall be provided and maintained to eliminate any such recurrent or excessive accumulation of storm water.
   (f)   Maintenance of Foundations.
      (1)   All foundations of every dwelling structure shall be maintained structurally sound and in good repair.
      (2)   All foundations of every dwelling structure shall be maintained in such condition as to prevent the seepage or leaking of water within the space enclosed within such foundations.
      (3)   All openings into the foundations of every dwelling structure shall be protected against the entrance of rodents.
   (g)   Chimneys and All Flue and Vent Attachments Thereto.  Chimneys and all flue and vent attachments thereto shall be maintained structurally sound, free from defects and so maintained as to capably perform at all times the functions for which they were designed.  Chimneys, flues, gas vents or other draft-producing equipment shall provide sufficient draft to develop the rated output of the connected equipment, shall be structurally safe, durable, smoke-tight and capable of withstanding the action of flue gases.
   (h)   Exterior Porches, Landings, Balconies, Stairs and Fire Escapes. Exterior porches, landings, balconies, stairs and fire escapes shall be provided with bannisters or railings properly designed and maintained to minimize the hazard of persons falling therefrom and the same shall be kept structurally sound, in good repair and free from defects.
   (i)   Condition of Exterior of Premises and Structures.    The exterior of all structures and the premises shall be maintained so that the appearance of the premises and all buildings thereon shall reflect a level of maintenance in keeping with the area so that the condition of the premises and structures shall not constitute a blighting factor for adjoining property owners nor an element leading to the progressive deterioration and downgrading of the area.  All replacements and repairs must match and conform to original design if not replaced completely.
   (j)     Landscaping.  All premises and vacant land shall be kept landscaped and lawns, hedges and bushes shall be kept trimmed and from becoming overgrown and unsightly.
   (k)    Signs.  All signs permitted by reason of other regulations or as a lawful nonconforming use shall be maintained in good repair and printed matter, pictures or illustrations contained thereon shall be completely maintained or when no longer in use completely removed.
   (l)     Reconstruction of Walls and Sidings.  All reconstruction of walls and sidings shall be of standard quality and appearance commensurate with the character of the properties in the area and the materials used will not be of a kind that by their appearance under prevailing appraisal practices and standards will depreciate the values of neighboring and adjoining premises as aforesaid.
   (m)   General Maintenance.  The exterior of every structure or accessory structure (including fences) shall be maintained in good repair and all surfaces thereof shall be kept painted where necessary for purposes of preservation and appearance* The same shall be maintained free of broken glass, loose shingles, crumbling stone or brick, excessive peeling paint or other condition reflective of deterioration or inadequate maintenance to the end that the property itself may be preserved, safety and fire hazards eliminated, and adjoining properties and the neighborhood protected from blighting influences.
   (n)    Store Fronts. All store fronts shall be kept in good repair, painted where required and shall not constitute a safety hazard or nuisance.  In the event repairs to a store front become necessary, such repairs shall be made with the same or similar materials used in the construction of the store front in such a manner as to permanently repair the damaged area or areas.  Any cornice visible above a store front shall be kept painted, where required, and in good repair.
   (o)   Structural Soundness and General Maintenance. Every building and accessory structure and every part thereof shall be kept structurally sound and in a state of good repair to avoid safety, health or fire hazards, including:
      (1)   Exterior walls, sidings and roofs.  Exterior walls, sidings and roofs shall be kept maintained structurally sound, in good repair and free from defects.
      (2)   Painting and other protective coating.  All exposed surfaces susceptible to decay shall be kept at all times painted or otherwise provided with a protective coating sufficient to prevent deterioration.
      (3)   Weather and watertightness.  Every dwelling shall be so maintained as to be weather and watertight.
      (4)   Exterior walls, roofs, etc.  Exterior walls, roofs, windows, window frames, doors, door frames, foundations and other parts of the structure shall be so maintained as to keep water from entering the structure.  Damaged materials shall be repaired or replaced promptly; places showing signs of rot, leakage, deterioration or corrosion are to be restored and protected against weathering or seepage.
   (p)     Freedom from Infestation.  All parts of the premises shall be maintained so as to prevent infestation.
(Ord. 1967-40. Passed 7-10-67.)