Parking Regulation
   74.01   Definitions
   74.02   Compliance with parking control devices required
   74.03   Parking in restricted areas during special events
   74.04   Temporary parking
   74.05   Parking so as to face oncoming traffic prohibited
   74.06   Parking for certain purposes prohibited; towing
   74.07   Parking adjacent to schools
   74.08   Parking, standing near hazardous or congested places
   74.09   Parking, standing in freight curb loading zone
   74.10   Parking in front of entrances
   74.11   Parking so as not to obstruct traffic
   74.12   Parking, standing on sidewalks or swale areas
   74.13   Parking within lines
   74.14   Diagonal and parallel parking
   74.15   Double parking
   74.16   Parking by permit only
   74.17   Parking near fire hydrants
   74.18   Fire station, fire lane, fire zones or safety zones
   74.19   Crosswalks or intersections
   74.20   Blocking driveways
   74.21   Parking near traffic-control devices
   74.22   Excavation or construction zones
   74.23   Bridges or causeways
   74.24   Parking for sale of motor vehicles prohibited; penalty
   74.25—74.49 Reserved
Parking on Private Property
   74.50   Definitions
   74.51   Parking on private property designated as fire zone or the like
   74.52   Towing, removal authorized
   74.53   Impoundment, storing of towed vehicle
   74.54   Report to be made to Police Department
   74.55   Return of vehicle prior to towing
   74.56   Release of vehicle from place of impoundment
   74.57—74.139 Reserved
Disabled Person Parking
   74.140   Provided by governmental entities
   74.141—74.149 Reserved
Administration and Enforcement
   74.150   Powers and duties of Police Department
   74.151   Authority to issue citations
   74.152   Failure to obey
   74.153   Impoundment
   74.154   Appeal
   74.155   Liability for nonpayment of parking fines
   74.156   Transmission of information to the Department of Highway Safety
   74.157—74.159 Reserved
   74.160   Chief of Police
   74.161   Hearing officer
   74.162—74.998 Reserved
   74.999   Penalty
   Parking in parks, see § 36.09