There are different procedures that must be followed for making field revisions. The procedure that must be followed is dependent on whether it is a voluntary change due to a change in construction material, design or in response to field conditions; or a mandatory change due to an inspector identifying a code violation or plans missing critical information.
   (A)   Voluntary field revisions - The permit simplicity certified professional shall submit a revised application in accordance with the procedures set forth in this chapter for an initial application.
   (B)   Mandatory field revisions -
      (1)   When a department inspector determines that the permit simplicity certified plans contain code violations or are missing critical information, the inspector shall get a second opinion from his or her supervisor prior to requiring changes to the project.
      (2)   If the item is confirmed to be a code violation or the department requires more information critical to ensuring that the project meets the building codes, or other applicable laws pertaining to public health and safety, the inspector will inform the contractor and the permit simplicity certified professional in writing (e-mail is sufficient). Corrections and/or additional information will be required to reach a resolution.
      (3)   If plan revisions are required, the permit simplicity certified professional will be directed to submit the revisions within a reasonable time period. Failure to submit plan revisions as directed will result in revocation of the permit simplicity certified professional's certification.
      (4)   Regardless of the method used to resolve the violation, all violations will be tracked by the inspection supervisor. The violations will be scored in accordance with the department's Permit Simplicity Certified Audit Procedures, and any project that accumulates a cumulative score of five or greater will be subject to a mandatory audit.
(Ord. No. 2991)