(A)   A checklist and required permitting documentation for a project shall be made available on a publicly accessible city website.
   (B)   Assistance with pre-submittal requirements may be obtained from the department. Staff will determine if any variances, code modifications, use permits, or other approvals are required.
   (C)   The department shall establish the system for receiving applications, plans, forms, letters and other documents in connection with the Permit Simplicity Program. Electronic submittal of the required permit application and documents may be made available. In the case of electronic submittal, the electronic signature of the applicant on all forms, applications and other documentation may be used in lieu of a wet signature. This requirement notwithstanding, wet signatures shall be required for engineering calculations and plans in accordance with State law.
   (D)   No application shall be processed until all required documents are received and complete.
   (E)   Applicants shall be permitted to request project intake meetings through the permit simplicity program database.
(Ord. No. 2991)