(A)   Each user shall provide protection from accidental discharge of prohibited materials, other regulated pollutants or wastewater called out in this article or any other materials in concentration or quantities of which could be detrimental to the system, its operation or personnel. Each floor drain or floor sink located in an area where regulated chemicals are stored or used shall be protected in a manner approved by the city manager to prevent uncontrolled or accidental discharges of these regulated constituents from directly entering the system. Facilities to prevent accidental discharge shall be provided and maintained at the owner's and/or operator's expense. Detailed plans in the form of a spill prevention, control, and countermeasures plan (showing facilities and operating procedures to provide this protection) shall be submitted to the city manager for review and approval prior to construction of said facilities. Such review and approval of plans and operating procedures shall not relieve the user from the responsibility of said facilities as necessary to meet the other requirements of this article.
   (B)   A notice shall be permanently posted on the user's bulletin board or other prominent place advising employees whom to call in the event of a dangerous discharge. Employers shall ensure that all employees who may cause or suffer such a dangerous discharge to occur are advised of the emergency notification procedure.
   (C)   Any user who causes or discovers a slug discharge of regulated pollutants or wastewater into the system shall immediately telephone the city manager in order that corrective action may be taken to protect the system, its operation and personnel. In addition, the person responsible for the discharge of the wastes or wastewater shall file a written report to the city manager, detailing the date, time and cause of the accidental discharge, the quantity and characteristics of the discharge and corrective action taken to prevent future discharges. The report shall be filed within five days of the occurrence of the discharge.
(`64 Code, Sec. 25-24) (Ord. No. 2494)