(A)   Purpose - The purpose of this section is to provide standards designed to protect and where possible restore Oxnard's environmentally sensitive habitat areas which include, but are not limited to: wetlands, estuaries, streams, riparian habitats, lakes and portions of open coastal waters. Moreover, the water quality of the coastal zone containing these habitat areas shall be maintained and, where feasible, restored in a manner consistent with the standards contained in this section, other general and specific coastal development and resource standards contained in this chapter, as well as all applicable provisions and policies of the Oxnard coastal land use plan.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-3.1.1)
   (B)   Applicability and specific standards - All development within the Oxnard Coastal Zone which is in, adjacent to, or has an effect upon, an environmentally sensitive habitat area shall comply with the provisions of this section. Refer to Policy Nos. 6, a, c, d, e, and f, and 10 a-g of the Oxnard coastal land use plan for specific standards.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-3.1.2)
(Ord. No. 2034, 2716)