(A)   Purpose - The purpose of this section is to provide standards regarding diking, dredging, filling, shoreline structure, and restoration activities within Oxnard's Coastal Zone, in a manner consistent with the standards contained in this section, other general and specific coastal development and resource standards contained in this chapter, as well as all applicable provisions and policies of the Oxnard coastal land use plan.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-3.2.1)
   (B)   Applicability and specific standards - All development and restoration projects located within, adjacent to, or having a direct affect upon Oxnard's Coastal Zone, shall comply with all provisions of this section. Furthermore, diking and filling shall be limited to uses consistent with the provisions of article II (Coastal sub-zones) and shall be permitted only when no other less environmentally damaging alternative exists, and where feasible mitigation measures have been provided to minimize adverse environmental impacts. Specific standards are contained in Policy Nos. 11, 12, 13 of the Oxnard coastal land use plan.
(`64 Code, Sec. 37-3.2.2)
(Ord. No. 2034, 2124, 2716)