(A)   The city manager shall, as appropriate, appoint a person to be the hearing officer for the administrative hearings provided for herein. If a customer requests an administrative hearing, the hearing officer shall conduct such hearing. The hearing officer shall hold the administrative hearing on the date and at the time and place specified in the notice of delinquency.
   (B)   At this administrative hearing, the city's representative shall first present good cause to justify termination of the utility service. Thereafter, the customer or the customer's representative may present evidence in opposition to the termination. The hearing officer shall conduct the administrative hearing in an informal fashion and shall not be bound by the technical rules of evidence.
   (C)   After the administrative hearing, the hearing officer shall prepare a written decision determining whether the city has established good cause for termination of the utility service. If the hearing officer decides in favor of the customer, such decision shall be filed with the city clerk and the city shall not terminate the utility service unless a new notice of delinquency is prepared and served by the city. The decision of the hearing officer shall be binding upon the customer and the city unless appealed pursuant to section 1-25.
(`64 Code, Sec. 1-12.4) (Ord. No. 2302)