For the purposes of this chapter, certain terms and words are hereby defined as follows:
   (a)   "Urban Forest" means trees, woody vegetation, soil, water, air, wildlife and other natural resources found in the urban environment.
   (b)   "Tree" means any self-supporting woody plant usually having one main trunk which produces a more or less distinct and elevated head with many branches, and potential diameter at breast height of two inches or more.
   (c)   "Caliper". For the purpose of this chapter the caliper of a tree shall be determined at 4 1/2 feet commonly known as Diameter at Breast Height (DBH).
   (d)   "Street Trees" means trees on land lying between property lines on either side of all streets, avenues, or ways (including alleys) within the City and those trees abutting a street or public place located within the public right of way or public easement.
   (e)   "Park" means public parks having individual names, and all areas owned by the City.
(Ord. 2385.  Passed 3-7-95.)
   (f)   "Noxious vegetation”  includes, but shall not be limited to Russian, Canadian or common thistle; wild lettuce, wild mustard; wild parsley; ragweed; milkweed; ironweed; jimson; cocklebur; burdock; burrs; vines; shrubs; wild parsnip; any noxious weed referenced in Ohio R.C. 731.51 and grass or vegetation exceeding ten inches in height upon any residential, commercial or industrial lot or parcel of land. 
(Ord. 2638.  Passed  6-1-99.)
   (g)   "Public Trees" means all trees publicly owned within parks, municipal properties and rights of way.
   (h)   "Private Trees" means trees on private property.
   (i)   "Street" means a public road or public alley located within the City.
   (j)   "Vegetation" means shrubs, bushes and other woody vegetation that usually remains low and produces shoots or stems from base and is not usually tree-like or single stemmed.
   (k)   "Tree lawn public right-of-way" means that space between the edge of the right-of- way and the edge of the street paving which consists of that property.
      (Ord. 2385. Passed 3-7-95.)