(a)   Should the City be required to pay labor and other costs to bring about compliance under this section, the City Manager or designee shall report by certified mail, return receipt requested, the costs thereof to the owner or person having charge or management of each lot or parcel of land, who shall have fifteen (15) days in which to pay the City for labor, plus the costs of investigation, handling of the complaint, service and notification (costs shall be based on the following: labor, equipment and materials for removal and cutting; mailing fees; administrative duties of the City Manager or designee and staff, with costs being adjusted to current wages or as contracted for).
   (b)   If such costs are not paid within the statutory fifteen (15) days of the date notice is sent, the City Manager or designee shall report to the City Clerk of Council such delinquencies and the City Clerk shall make a return in writing to the City Auditor of such charges which shall be entered upon the tax duplicate of the County, in accordance with Ohio R.C. 731.54.
(Ord. 2638.  Passed 6-1-99.)