Nuisances and Unsafe Buildings
1311.01   Definitions.
1311.02   Declaration of nuisance; notice; service and abatement.
1311.03   Special building permit for immediate repairs.
1311.04   Appeal procedure; Hearing Board.
1311.05   Noncompliance; court action and order to vacate.
1311.06   Nuisance abatement by City; recovery of cost.
1311.07   Emergency vacating of building; closing streets.
1311.08   Emergency work authorized.
1311.09   Remedy not considered exclusive.
1311.99   Penalty.
      Power to regulate building sanitation - see Ohio R.C. 715.26
      Removal of unsafe structures; cost - see Ohio R.C. 715.26, 715.261
      Power to abate nuisances - see Ohio R.C. 715.44
      Nuisances - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3767
      Abatement of rat harboring conditions - see GEN. OFF. 521.11
      Abatement of Dutch elm disease - see GEN. OFF. 557.04