Fire Damaged Structures
   EDITOR’S NOTE: Pursuant to Ordinance B-09, passed January 20, 2009, Chapter 1305, relating to payment of insurance proceeds to the City for removal or repair of fire-damaged structures, is hereby added to the Codified Ordinances.  Chapter 1305 implements the procedures described in Ohio R.C. 3929.86(C) and (D) relating to the payment of insurance proceeds to the City of Orrville for fire-damaged structures whereby no insurance company doing business in the State shall pay a claim of a named insured for fire damage to a structure located within the City unless there has been full compliance with the applicable provisions of Ohio R.C. 3929.86.
   The Director of Finance is hereby designated as the officer to carry out the duties of the “designated officer” as described in Ohio R.C. 3929.86.