General Provisions
   110.001   Purpose
   110.002   Adoption of State Alcoholic Beverage Control Law
   110.003   Administration
   110.004   Definitions
Duties of the Office of the County Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator
   110.015   Duties
Application; Licenses
   110.030   Application
   110.031   Delinquent taxes; license withheld
   110.032   Forfeitures
   110.033   Refund of license fees
   110.034   Lost or destroyed licenses
   110.035   Temporary closing
   110.036   Compliance with other ordinances and regulations
   110.037   Revocation or suspension
   110.038   Patio and outdoor sales
   110.039   Conditions for sidewalk cafe permit
   110.040   Special temporary license for qualifying event; activities permitted and prohibited
   110.041   Souvenir package sales by licensed distillers
   110.042   Malt beverage keg registration
   110.043   Conditions governing licenses
   110.044   Notice to surrender license; hearing
   110.045   Transfer or assignment
   110.046   Refusal of license
   110.047   Review of license
   110.048   Regulatory license fee
   110.049   Change of information
   110.050   Dormancy
   110.051   Approval of premises
   110.052   Delinquent taxes or fees
   110.053   Books, records and reports
Hours for Sale and Delivery
   110.070   Hours for sale
   110.071   Delivery
   110.072   When polls are open
   110.073   New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
Conditions, Prohibitions and Restrictions
   110.090   Gambling and games of chance
   110.091   Nudity and adult entertainment activities
   110.092   Drinking contests, all-you-can-drink specials and free drinks
   110.093   Radio-receiving apparatus adjusted to police band
   110.094   Security
   110.095   Premiums or prizes for the sale of alcoholic beverages
   110.096   Drunk or intoxicated persons
   110.097   Sale or dispensing of alcohol to underage persons prohibited; display of sign
   110.098   Posting of license
   110.099   Posting of warning sign
   110.100   Off-premises signage prohibited
   110.101   Prohibited sales
   110.102   Persons prohibited from employment
   110.115   Enforcing personnel
   110.116   Investigation and inspection of premises
Mandatory Responsible Beverage Service Training
   110.130   Program
Product Signs and Advertising
   110.145   Compliance with county rules and regulations
   110.146   Window signs
   110.147   Flashing lights and signs
   110.148   Freestanding signs
   110.149   Handbills, circulars and cards
   110.150   Premiums and prizes
   110.151   Compliance with KRS 244.130
   110.152   Distance requirement
Confidentiality; Implementation
   110.165   Information deemed confidential
   110.166   Implementation of chapter provisions
   110.999   Penalty