Department of Finance
EDITOR'S NOTE:  Ordinance 52-2000, passed July 10, 2000, adopted the fiscal watch and fiscal emergency procedures for the City as set forth in the document titled "Planning Criteria for the Adoption of Fiscal Watch and Fiscal Emergency Procedures for the City of Norton."  Copies of such ordinance and of such document may be obtained, at cost, from the Department of Finance.
234.01   Deputy Director of Finance.
234.02   Administration of Income Tax.
234.03   Investment of surplus funds. (Repealed)
234.04   Corner lot assessments.
234.05   Governmental fund accounting structure.
234.06   Number and classification of funds.
234.07   Law Enforcement Mandatory Drug Fine Fund.
234.08   Law Enforcement Trust Fund.
234.09   Petty cash and change funds.
234.10   Inventory control.
234.11   Yearly audits by independent contractors.
234.12   DWI Enforcement and Education Fund.
234.13   Depositories and Investments Policy. (Repealed)
234.14   Nominal expenditures for refreshments served at meetings.
234.15   Fixed asset procedure.
   Director's rights in Council - see CHTR. § 3.15
   Department of Finance and finances generally - see CHTR. § 5.02
   Board of Control - see CHTR. § 5.03
   Contracts and purchasing - see ADM. Ch. Ch. 208
   General procedural plan for capital improvement projects - see ADM. Ch. Ch. 210