Noise Control
555.01   Definitions.
555.02   Hours for musical devices.
555.03   Steam whistles prohibited; exceptions.
555.04   Noise control in buildings.
555.05   Construction equipment noise.
555.06   Motor vehicle noise.
555.07   Power tool noise.
555.08   Property use noise.
555.09   Noise level measurement.
555.10   Maximum sound pressure levels.
555.11   Horns or signal devices.
555.12   Power tool noise test standards.
555.13   Motor vehicle noise test standards.
555.14   Excessive noise a nuisance.
555.15   Additional remedies.
555.99   Penalty.
Barking or howling dogs- see GEN. OFF. 505.09
Disorderly conduct- see GEN. OFF. 509.03
Loud noise from motor vehicle- see GEN. OFF. 509.09
Playing of sound devices -see GEN. OFF. 509.10
Disturbing the peace- see GEN. OFF. 509.13