Every person licensed under the provisions of this chapter shall keep a correct list and description, in a book for such purpose, of every article pledged or deposited with him, or on which advances of money have been made, or which may be purchased by him. He shall also register in such book the name and place of residence of the depositor and the time the deposit was made. All the entries shall be written in ink in the English language and no entry shall be erased, obliterated or defaced.  If the required information is stored on a computer database, the information shall not be altered or deleted from the database.
   Further, every person licensed under the provision of this chapter shall require presentation of valid State license or State identification from the person pledging or depositing any item, and record said identification number in the book, on the computer database, or on the paperwork generated from the item being pledged or deposited.
   Further, every person licensed under the provision of this chapter shall subscribe to Leadsonline or a similar electronic reporting system, hereinafter referred to as an online reporting system, and maintain said subscription while operating as a pawnbroker licensed under this chapter.  Every pawnbroker shall enter and upload all information from its books or computer database and records regarding item being pledged or deposited to an online reporting system as soon as reasonably possible after the transaction is consummated. Every pawnbroker shall input information to every data field supported by the online reporting system.
   In the event the online reporting system malfunctions or is otherwise not operational, the pawnbroker shall submit such records to online reporting system within twenty-four hours of such system being fully operational.
(1969 Code Sec. 116.04) (Ord. 12-37-A.  Passed 11-5-12.)