As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Residential property°" means any real property which is used, either temporarily or permanently as a dwelling for one or more persons. The use of the property as a dwelling shall be determinative of whether or not it is subject to the provisions of this chapter, regardless of whether or not such property is located in a district zoned for residential uses in the City.
   (b)   "Home sale" means a sale of tangible personal property to the public conducted on any portion of any residential property in the City and includes, but is not limited to, garage sales, patio sales, yard sales, carport sales, basement sales, porch sales, driveway sales and the like.
   (c)   "Neighborhood sale" means multiple street sales within the same geographical and/or traditional neighborhood.
   (d)   "Street sale" means home sales taking place at multiple homes on one street.
(Ord. 92-24. Passed 3-2-92; Ord. 00-46. Passed 12-18-00; Ord. 07-2.  Passed  1-16-07.)