(a)   If Sections 256.01 through 256.06, or any part thereof, is determined to be inconsistent with or contrary to any State or Federal law or regulation, then such sections or part thereof that is inconsistent or in conflict with _such State or Federal law or regulation shall be construed in such a manner as to provide the most advantage to the City with respect to the expenditure of public funds as is permissible under such law or regulation.
(Ord. 82-44. Passed 4-19-82.)
   (b)   In the event of a conflict between any of the provisions of Sections 256.07 through 256.16 and a provision of Ohio R. C. 5705.41, 5705.44 and/or 5705.45, either now or hereafter, the provision of State law shall prevail.
(Ord. 81-52. Passed 6-15-81.)