91.00   Definitions for use in this chapter
General Provisions
   91.01   Permitting animals to run at-large
   91.02   Authority to kill animals
   91.03   Interference with enforcement prohibited
   91.04   Keeping livestock and poultry
   91.05   Exhibitions or parades of animals
   91.06   Animals as prizes or inducements
   91.07   Animals which are a public nuisance
   91.08   Cruel treatment or neglect of animals prohibited
   91.09   Animal fighting and exhibition fighting prohibited
   91.10   Provision of necessities
   91.11   Restraint; restraint by tether; and collar specifications
   91.12   Sexual acts with animals
   91.13   Abandonment
   91.14   Keeping animal's areas of habitation clean
   91.15   Animals afflicted with contagious disease
   91.16   Rabies quarantine of animals
   91.17   Allowing animals to remain in parked vehicles
   91.18   Spay/neuter program established at animal shelter
Animal Registration and Rabies Vaccination
   91.19   Dogs and cats to be registered and licensed
   91.20   Exotic animals to be registered
   91.21   Dogs, cats, and ferrets over three months to be inoculated impoundment
Impoundment and Redemption
   91.22   Impoundment authorized
   91.23   Removal of animal in immediate danger
   91.24   Animal shelter to record data on impounded animals
   91.25   Animal shelter to give notice to owner
   91.26   Impounding fee; bond
   91.27   Redemption of impounded animal
Euthanasia and Disposal
   91.28   Euthanasia and disposal of privately owned animals
Dangerous Animals
   91.35   Definitions
   91.36   Duties of owners of dangerous animals
   91.38   Enforcement
   91.39   Powers of animal control officers
   91.40   Custodial liability
   91.41   Destruction of impounded animals
   91.42   Powers of the animal control authority
   91.43   Meetings with animal control authority
   91.44   Resolutions and settlements
   91.45   Judicial enforcement
   91.46   Savings clause
   91.47   Repeal or amend
   91.98   Fee schedule
   91.99   Issuance of citations; violation notices