1155.01   Zoning Enforcement Officer.
1155.02   Duties of the Zoning  Enforcement Officer.
1155.03   Planning Commission.
1155.04   Role of Council in zoning matters.
1155.05   Board of Zoning Appeals.
1155.06   Board of Zoning Appeals; meetings.
1155.07   Board of Zoning Appeals; procedure.
1155.08   Board of Zoning Appeals; powers and duties.
1155.09   Duties of Zoning Enforcement Officer, Board of Zoning Appeals, legislative authority and courts of matters of appeals.
1155.10   Procedures and requirements for appeals and variances.
1155.11   Appeals.
1155.12   Stay of proceedings.
1155.13   Variance.
1155.14   Application and standards for variances.
1155.15   Supplementary conditions and safeguards.
1155.16   Public hearing by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
1155.17   Notice of public hearing in newspaper.
1155.18   Notice of parties in interest.
1155.19   Action by Board of Zoning Appeals.
1155.20   Term of variance.
1155.21   Authorized variances.
1155.22   Procedure and requirements for approval of conditional use permits.
1155.23   Contents of application for conditional use permit.
1155.24   General standards applicable to all conditional uses.
1155.25   Specific criteria for conditional uses in P-1 Public/Semipublic District.
1155.26   Additional criteria for conditional uses.
1155.27   Supplementary conditions and safeguards.
1155.28   Procedure for hearing, notice.
1155.29   Action by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
1155.30   Expiration of conditional use permit.
1155.31   Request for interpretation of Zoning Map.
1155.32   Authority of Board of Zoning Appeals.
1155.33   Procedure and requirements to determine that a use is substantially similar.
1155.34   Remedy by application for amendment.
1155.35   Standards for consideration of substantially similar uses.
1155.36   Effect of determination that a use is substantially similar.
1155.37   Record of substantially similar uses.
Appeals from zoning decisions - see Ohio R.C. 713.11, Ch. 2506
Violations - see Ohio R.C. 713.13, P. & Z. 1153.12