General Provisions
   90.01   Definitions
   90.02   Purpose and scope
Care and Treatment of Animals
   90.20   Animal care and mistreatment
   90.21   Abandoning animals and keeping animals
   90.22   Giving away animals for commercial purposes prohibited
   90.23   Striking animals with motor vehicle
   90.24   Poisoning animals
   90.25   Handling poisonous reptiles prohibited
   90.26   Wild animals
   90.27   Keeping domestic fowl
   90.28   Coops for confinement of fowl
   90.29   Nuisance animals
   90.30   Dangerous and vicious animals prohibited
   90.31   Bird sanctuary
   90.54   Collar; tag must be worn
Impoundment; Redemption Procedures
   90.65   Time and manner of impoundment
   90.66   Homeless dog or cat
   90.67   Procedure upon complaint
   90.68   Fees
   90.69   Redemption of animal
   90.70   Redemption by person other than owner
   90.71   Disposition of unredeemed animals
   90.72   Release of impounded animals; resisting Animal Control Officer
Administration and Enforcement
   90.85   Animal Control Officer
   90.86   Interference with Officer
   90.87   Procedure for search warrant and seizure
   90.88   Responding to an animal locked in a vehicle