It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly or intentionally handle any reptile of a poisonous species or variety, whose venom has not been completely removed by picking up or holding such reptile in his/her bare hands, or by placing or holding such reptile against the exposed part of his/her, or another's body, head, or any other exposed part of the human anatomy, or by placing his/her own, or another's hand or any other part of the human anatomy in any cage, box, or other device or container wherein such reptile is known or suspected to be; and it shall likewise be unlawful for any owner, lessee, bailor, bailee, possessor, trainer or keeper of any such poisonous reptile to knowingly permit, allow, suggest, entice, invite, challenge,  person to pick up or handle any such poisonous reptile in any manner or way described and defined hereinabove.
('81 Code, § 90.11) (Ord. 93050, passed 10-12-93) Penalty, see § 10.99