The Animal Control Officer shall seize all dogs and cats that may be found running at large and impound them in an enclosure provided for that purpose.  Any person mad seize any dog or cat found on his/her premise and deliver it to the Animal Control Officer to be impounded. Where a dog or cat is not vicious, unruly, or bad tempered, but is harmless and is not annoying or threatening toward persons or animals and has been inoculated with a proper and effective vaccine against rabies and carries a license tag securely fastened to its collar, such dog or cat may, in the discretion of the Animal Control Officer, be exempted from the terms of this section. When a complaint is lodged that a specific animal is a nuisance or is vicious, the provisions of this section shall become mandatory.
('81 Code, § 90.30) (Ord. 93050, passed 10-12-93)